Anphabe – What is the best way to invest in your employees?

November 4th, 2011 | Posted by Anphabe

Dear Anphabe members,

This is the last chance for you to win a ticket to meet Brian Tracy in Ho Chi Minh City. By answering the question below, you can get likes from the community, promote your answer to your friends to get support from them, etc. If your question are liked the most, then the ticket would be yours.

Now, let’s get started!

Question: What is the best way to invest in your employees?

- Who can join? All members.

- How to join? Answer the question with your most valuable content.

- How to win? People click “Like” to your answer for top question the most.

Rule: The likers of your question must meet requirements for being member during the running time of that top question. The liker must have:
- An approved profile photo
- A real job position
- A real education

If the liker does not meet the above requirements, his like won’t be calculated to your total likes.

If your answer is good, it will be liked by people in nature. However, it will get more and more liked if it’s promoted in good manners, e.g. share it on your wall, invite friends to join and like your answer, share your answer to your connections through private message, etc.

- Time: 04 November to 12:00 Noon, 9 December 2011
- Prize: Ticket worth $600

The prize is not applied for employees.

We will announce the winner of this Top Question in this post and besides the Top Question box on by 12 December 2011. The winner is also informed by via email or phone.

Wish you win!

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